Thursday, 7 July 2011

wowwee light strike

hey guys i am a kidult in brisbane and today i went into Target in brisbane city and at westfield chermside and managed to score 1 assault striker and 1 smaller striker pistol! i couldn't wait until the sale to purchase them!! i didn't see the enemy tracker or the scope but they did have the rapid fire attatchment and the refractor blast unit. They also have the sensor vest and individual sensors for sale. They did have all 3 variants of the assault strikers and the striker pistols! i was pretty stoked to get my hands on a pistol i opted to buy the pistol instead of the attatchments but will purchase them as soon as i can! the guns are AWESOME!! the sound is cool in the ones i purchased ( assault striker G.A.R-023 and the striker G.A.P -024) you have a female voice which  relays information such as low health, weapon selection etc. that sounded kinda like the m.u.t.h.e.r A.I from alien so that was kinda cool! the weapon sound are really cool and super clear, the lights on the weapon are super bright and look great the fingerprint activation system is a mild letdown as all it does is activate the gun but you can do it with a knuckle or the palm of your hand it doesn't prevent anyone apart from yourself from picking up and using the gun so overall i felt it was a little pointless. The overal look of the guns is impressive and and the build quality is very robust and they are solidly put together very kidplay proof!! They are extremely lightweight and i felt they were well balanced and fit into my palm and hand nicely and felt very easy and comfortable to hold the light up targets that come with the guns are great (the smaller one out of the striker box only lightsd up but the larger assault striker makes noise and lights up, both guns work with either target :-) ) whatever colour team you are whebn you shoot the target it lights up in that colour very cool indeed. i have only had these for a day and i have had a TON of fun with these guns already! Not only myself but my little four year old son thinks it is a hoot to shoot the tagets and watch them light up and he loves to "reload" the assault striker! so overall if you are after a laser tag system that is well built and just pure fun then i highly reccomend adding these to your arsenal! they are a little pricey but they are worth it if you choose to buy or can afford them!! Thanks for taking the time to read my first ever blog entry!